TechNova highlights total ecosystem at Wan-Ifra

During Wan-Ifra India 2018 Conference in Hyderabad, TechNova seeks to go beyond being a solution provider and create a complete ecosystem.

26 Sep 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Sheena Parikh, the joint managing director, TechNova

Pranav Parikh, chairman and managing director, TechNova, said “TechNova will now be much more than a solution provider. We will soon launch “TIE - TechNova Imaging EcoSystem” - for our newspaper customers.” 

TIE is TechNova’s unique endeavour to offer its customers a “unified experience” beyond products and services. Parikh said, with TIE, TechNova will help its customers “connect all the dots” in pre-press, pressroom and post-press - with products, equipment, services, advisory, inventory management; transactional efficiencies - giving customers a single touchpoint for all their requirements.

He added, “Our customers have been our greatest strength. Now, with TIE, we will further strengthen our ties to our most valued newspaper customers.”

Sheena Parikh, joint managing director, TechNova, told PrintWeek India, "Our focus is not only to increase the efficiency of the existing ecosystem with TechNova’s advanced green solutions, but to expand the ecosystem with new products for the benefit of our customers by having alliances with the best.”

She added, “As you know, we already have well-established partnerships in our equipment portfolio – CTP platesetters powered by Agfa, Amsky and ECRM, and CTP processors from Glunz & Jensen.” 

Recently, TechNova has entered into alliances with industry leaders for other specialised products. This includes spray dampening systems from Shree Refrigeration; UV curing systems from Unique UV; auto reel changers from Prakash Offset; offset blankets from MRT; printing rollers from Sigma and pressroom chemistry from PCO.

Sheena Parikh said, “We are also further strengthening TechNova’s software portfolio with exciting new productivity enhancing tools and workflow solutions for the newspaper industry - software solutions and screening technologies from Agfa, Hamillroad and Harlequin, colour management from Agfa and Serendipity, and cloud-based secured SaaS services from Agfa, and editorial workflow, digital asset management and pre-media service management system from News Hub Media. 

Parikh pointed out, “Our partners product-specific expertise harnessed together with TechNova’s own strength of wide market reach, total customer connect and support, efficient supply chain and vast distribution network, will create a winning synergy for our customers.”

CG Ramakrishnan, the CEO at TechNova, extolled visitors to drop into the TN stall on 26 and 27 September at stall number 1.01. He said, "To add more value in the entire value chain of the newspaper industry, we have recently partnered with industry entrepreneurs to harness their expertise in developing the product and our own strength in terms of market reach, customer connect and supply chain and distribution network."

At the show in Hyderabad, the company will also unveil breakthrough software solutions. This includes productivity enhancing tools and workflow solutions for prepress industry like Arkitex OptiInk, Arkitex Intellitune and Veripress for colour management. The main aim is the company’s focus to replace the current pre-press devices in a cost-effective manner.

Parikh concluded, “We, at TechNova, are constantly working on strengthening and customising our offerings that will help our customers connect all the dots.”

TechNova decides to Go Green

CG Ramakrishnan, CEO, TechNova

TechNova, for more than 40 years, has partnered with the Indian newspaper industry and has delivered the widest portfolio of products – from pre-press and press consumables and CTP systems, digital print media and digital printing systems, to workflows, software and value-added services.

Now, it will provide an ecosystem to its newspaper customers. This includes safety health and environment audits; application and after-sales service support for a complete range of consumables and equipment; logistics strengths with regional distribution centres to target just-in-time deliveries and a single web portal for order management — the TechNova Shopfront — which will give better control to customer, from easy order logging to tracking in real time.

CG Ramakrishnan, the CEO at TechNova, said the motto that the organisation lives by is Go Green. We are the pioneers of the Go Green revolution in the Indian printing industry,” he said. “From process-free and chemical-free CTP solutions to products that minimise pressroom pollution, TechNova has been committed to creating and maintaining an eco-friendly space for the printing industry, helping it reduce carbon footprint, eliminate waste and facilitate sustainable growth.”

In real terms this has translated into the usage of TechNova’s VioGreen plates since 2010. According to the TechNova tech team, the Indian newspaper industry has saved more than 75 million litres of water, reduced the disposal of hazardous chemicals by more than 550 thousand litres and significantly reduced the overall carbon footprint of the industry.

VioGreen, manufactured jointly by TechNova and Belgian manufacturer Agfa, are chemistry-free plates that were introduced in 2010. Until then they were used in advanced countries where environmental consciousness is high. Current users of conventional Violet CTP plates such as VioStar need virtually no additional investment to accept VioGreen plates and so it is an efficient way to manage costs.