TechNova’s digital deals with Ma Prints

Bengaluru-based offset and digital print specialist Ma Prints has signed a deal for installation of five Konica Minolta (KM) C1060 digital presses and a Duplo 646 digital finishing kit, through TechNova, representative for Konica Minolta and Duplo in India.

05 Feb 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

Ma Prints’ shopfloor is equipped with an Infoprint 2190, a monochrome digital press, and a Ricoh C901 digital colour production press for digital operation, while a Komori press and Bobst post-press equipment power the offset operations.

The new investment and business accruing from it is intended to support Ma’s activity of preserving indigenous cows, Ma Gokulam.

Speaking to PrintWeek India, Guruprasad Talwar of Ma Prints, said, “We need a regular income to support Ma Gokulam, and hence the reason for the investment.”

At present, Ma’s digital business operates from one location, but with the five KM kit, it hopes to expand its presence with five more centres across Bengaluru. “We will make our presence felt with basic models of KM, which will be sufficient to run small facility. We will self-finance the Ma Gokulam.”

The firm opted for the Duplo 646 because, according to Talwar, it needed to enhance its existing post-press capabilities. “We have the Polar and few other machines, but Duplo 646 is an all-in-one finisher, which will bring efficiency and automation to our operation.”

The Duplo 646 can process up to 8 slits, 25 cuts, and 20 creases in a single pass.

Prashant Nayak, deputy manager for sales, packaging segment, TechNova, said, “We were able to provide Ma Prints tailor-made secured print solution, leveraging our strength and experience in digital production presses and fully customised TechNova digital media. We have been able to meet his needs up to post-press with accuracy possible only with Duplo 646 Pro solutions.”