Techkon shows the right way to measure colour

A masterclass for Future Schoolz's colour management course, delivered by Albin Baranauskas, managing director at Techkon, highlighted the advancements and efficient usage of spectrophotometer.

15 Jan 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Kulakkada Pradeep, CEO at Future Schoolz

The session, which was on densitometry and spectrophotometers, was organised for the participants of colour management course. The second edition of the course was conducted by Future Schoolz, in association with Germany-based Techkon and Slovakia's PrintFlow.

During the masterclass, Baranauskas showcased the right way to measure colour and how a spectrophotometer can be used for measuring and comparing values to ensure quality print production. The session covered all features and functionalities of the device and various software features provided by Techkon.

Kulakkada Pradeep, CEO at Future Schoolz, said, "The software tools provided by Techkon can be applied by brands and printers in standardising and maintaining the right colours and also to store them for future references. The calibration cycle and need to undergo external calibration was well articulated during the session."

However, Pradeep highlighted that printers are not taking their devices for external calibration, which can "seriously affect the perfection of colour measurements".

In the online session, Baranauskas articulated the factors that have to be considered for selection of a spectrophotometer, and how Techkon scores high on each parameter.

Techkon is a company with 30 years of tradition in colour measurement devices. Having operations in more than 100 countries, Techkon has been represented in India by SquareDots, Chennai for sales and exclusively for service and calibration of equipment.

The session was attended by course participants, academicians from printing technology institutes, printing and packaging entrepreneurs, and print professionals.

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