Tea Time Group launches 100% biodegradable paper cups

The company, which owns one of the largest network of tea franchise outlets in India, launched the cups during the Nationwide Awards 2021 in Hyderabad.

15 Dec 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

India's largest network of tea franchise outlets, Tea Time Group, has launched 100% biodegradable paper cups, as it doubles down its efforts to grow its pipeline of customers.

The company will offer its customers “natural, compostable, and safe disposable cups that are hygienic”. It's the first time the company has taken the initiative to expand its products in a different field to reach more customers.

The new strategy by Tea-Time group was announced and launched in the Nationwide Awards 2021, Hyderabad. Organised by Business Mint, the Nationwide Awards is a pan India award selecting, recognising, celebrating and promoting the best organisations and professionals all over India.

Dr Varre Venkateshwarlu, ex-chief commissioner of RTI; Ganesh Kumar - operation head at Tea Time Group; Vinay Kanth Korapati, founder of Business Mint; Rajesh Dhuddu, VP, Tech Mahindra; Saurabh Kumar, CEO at GMR Cargo were presented at launch.

The CIPET-certified paper cups of Tea Time Group contain plant-based films, which are “planet-friendly, eco-friendly, safe, and healthy”, unlike plastic coatings.

“Suitable for composting and having no adverse effects on the soil, these biodegradable paper cups are made of food-safe materials and covered with a nutrient-rich plant-based material. As mentioned earlier, they are also chemical-free. It ensures you can use them without fear of any health repercussions,” the company stated in a release.

According to the Group, standard paper cups are difficult to recycle and are usually disposed of in landfills as they have a polyethylene (PE) lining that can only be recycled by very few recycling facilities around the country. As opposed to many other poly-cups, the biodegradable cups released by the company are not only safe and hygienic but also can be composted.

Uday Srinivas Tangella, founder and managing director of Tea Time Group is the brainchild of the initiative. Srinivas was awarded under the 'Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021' - Empowering Women Entrepreneurship category.

Tea Time Group is one of the largest networks of tea franchises in India, having a chain of tea outlets selling different kinds of tea, coolers, and shakes at reasonable prices. Established in 2016, the company has successfully expanded its business with more than 2,500 outlets in just five years.

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