TCPL installs seventh KBA at Goa plant

TCPL Packaging welcomed the New Year by switching on a brand-new Rapida 106 at its plant in Goa in Western India. The seven-colour press with coater and extended delivery is the seventh Rapida 106 sheetfed offset press from Koenig & Bauer to be installed at the company’s four production locations across the country in the past eight years.

30 Dec 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r): Akshay Kanoria, director, TCPL Packaging; Aditya Surana, managing director, Indo Polygraph Machinery; SaketKanoria, managing director, TCPL Packaging; Vidur Kanoria, director of TCPL Packaging

Saket Kanoria, managing director of TCPL Packaging, said, “The Goa location is a new one and we were in expansion mode in Goa in October 2018. It is a beautiful site which has a lot of potentials to expand. If the growth continues as we are witnessing it now, then we will be at a high level of capacity utilisation across our plants.”

Apart from Goa, TCPL also has plants in Silvassa, Haridwar and Guwahati.

“I would say generally we are very bullish about packaging. We have the leadership position in this industry and will maintain it," Kanoria added.

The Financial Times named TCPL Packaging as one of the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in the Asian-Pacific region, assigning it the 839th place in this ranking. And the company has no intention of slowing its course of continued growth.

Today, TCPL is one of the largest packaging converters in India. In Goa, 280 of the company’s 1,250 employees were focussed in manufacturing food and pharmaceuticals packaging on the production floorspace of 28,000 square metres. This will ensure the plant can produce 1000 to 900-MT of printed material per month. This will include kraft paper, printing paper and packaging board.

Aditya Surana, managing director of Koenig & Bauer’s Indian sales partner Indo Polygraph Machinery, informed PrintWeek India that “three more Rapida 106 presses are to be installed at TCPL this year. The first will be arriving at the Haridwar plant in May, while the second is set for installation in Goa in the summer. The installation of the third press in Silvassa is scheduled for the end of the year."

Surana shared that one of the three Rapidas will be “the longest press in India", with a total of 12 printing and finishing units. The configuration included: seven colours followed by a coater, two dryer towers, a further printing unit and coater, and an extended delivery. Once all these presses are in place, TCPL will possess ten high-end Rapida presses with a sum total of 85 printing units.

Saket Kanoria concluded, “Ever since we installed our first Koenig & Bauer press in 2011, we have gone back to them whenever we bought another one, due to the constant innovation and improvements being carried out by them. We have experienced higher productivity levels as a result. Moreover, they are backed in India by an excellent partner who is very proactive and gives very effective after-sales support."