Talent recognises no gender lines

In its second year, the Women to Watch Awards 2024 underscored PrintWeek's dedication to propelling diversity, inclusion, and equality forward. By shining a spotlight on regional business leaders, change makers, and emerging talents who challenge biases and stereotypes, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering a more inclusive industry.

15 May 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Charmiane Alexander (r)

We saw a significant number of women submitting their entries for the Awards. This surge in participation is an encouraging sign for the entire industry, reflecting positive strides towards gender diversity.

This commitment was palpable during the jury day of the Women to Watch Awards 2024 which was hosted on 5 March 2024 at the Haymarket SAC Publishing headquarters in Mumbai.

With over 50 entries spanning across 13 categories, the five-member jury diligently examined each submission, recognising the impact of these remarkable individuals.

The jury unanimously emphasised the significance of knowledge transfer, and that the challenges faced by women in leadership positions within corporate settings differ significantly from those encountered by women working in remote regions of the country.
Naheed Sorabjee, director at Haymarket SAC and chairperson of the Women to Watch Awards said, "Our aim with the Women to Watch Awards is to foster equal opportunities for women and to break into roles that have historically been dominated by men. The capacity to make decisions and fulfill responsibilities will not only establish a strong presence for women but also contribute to narrowing the gender gap."

According to a survey conducted by PrintWeek, 42% of women in the print and packaging industry reported facing challenging working conditions, with 23% noting a shortage of women in leadership roles. Additionally, 15% of women identified a gender gap disparity, while the remainder indicated they were unaware of it.

As these statistics evolve, this initiative by PrintWeek aims to shine a spotlight on women who are making a difference and carving out a niche for themselves within the industry.

We doff our hats to all the winners and participants, acknowledging their remarkable achievements and contributions.

Sponsors Statement

Manugraph India

Manugraph India is the largest manufacturer of web offset presses, with installations around the globe. The company’s capability to manufacture complex precision engineering systems, zero defect, equipped with SPC, self-inspection, modular tooling and supported by modern cutting tools and tool grinding facility. Manugraph owes its strong position as a supplier of choice not only to its technical competence, but also to its clear orientation towards the customer needs. Manugraph supports women empowerment and gender equality in the corporate workplace. We accept and consider that women can influence social changes for self and society and their support and contribution can help in overall development.

TechNova is privileged to sponsor the second edition of the Women to Watch Awards, an exemplary initiative by PrintWeek that highlights the exceptional women leading innovation in the printing, packaging and publishing industry. As a company at the forefront of technological innovations, TechNova is particularly proud of its own leadership structure, notably led by a dynamic woman at its helm. Supporting the Women to Watch Awards resonates with our commitment to advancing leadership among women in the print industry, which is progressively being redefined by talented women leaders breaking traditional barriers and establishing new paradigms of excellence. We commend PrintWeek for pioneering this significant initiative that not only recognises the remarkable achievements of women in our industry but also acts as an important stimulus for more women to emerge as leaders and innovators. Here's to the trailblazers of today who are shaping the future and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Vinsak is delighted to be a part of the Women To Watch Awards 2024. We extend our admiration to the remarkable women who are reshaping the printing and packaging industry through their talent, commitment, and innovative spirit. Their contributions are invaluable, mirroring the dedication that Vinsak exemplifies in bringing printing and packaging solutions to the forefront. For over two decades, Vinsak has been instrumental in fostering the growth of numerous businesses by providing personalised and seamlessly integrated solutions.  Vinsak extends its heartfelt wishes to all the remarkable women who participated in the contest, and congratulations to all the winners.