SV Graphics’s successful digital transition

It was 1991 when Tangaturai Chettiyar started making hand carving rubber block in Vapi, Gujarat. It was a labour-intensive job, but he managed to successfully run the business for 10 years. In early 2000, the Chettiyar along with his cousin Kartikeyan Chettiyar managed SV Graphics moved to make conventional photopolymer plates.

13 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Then came a time when Daman, Vapi and Silvassa were witnessing growth in packaging printing. There were more printing firms investing in technology to cater to the growing demand for packaging products. That is when the company invested in its first digital flexo CTP, Flexo Laser in 2015. “We recognised the market potential in this region especially the flexible packaging and narrow-web printing,” said Chettiyar.

In the next five years, Chettiyar produced close to 750 sqm per annum and saw a need to expand. “We installed the Xeikon ThermoflexX 60 in March 2020 and very recently installed the Flint Nyloflex digital washer,” said Chettiyar.

Even though we were able to make reasonable volume before the installation of the new equipment, Chettiyar said, he was looking for a reliable high-end machine to address customers who are looking for high quality. He looked at a few other options available in the market, he found Xeikon’s technology as an advantages which was capable of addressing many pain areas of current plate houses. “One is the support of plates. We believe, it is important to have a single supplier for the machine and consumables. Flint served our purpose. Today we are very much excited about the output our new equipment are delivering.”

The tradeshop now produces 250 sqm of plates per month, and hopes to cross the 3,000 sqm annual output mark. Repro Graphics helped SV Graphics establish the plant with a hassle-free installation, said Chettiyar. “Flint Group is a pioneer in new flexographic plates developments and with Catena processing equipment and Woodpecker Nano from ThermofleSx, we felt its worth associating with a partner considering future market demands,” he said.

Chettiyar said, there are many features, but the plate handling and screen technology impressed him. “The plate loading for both plate loading and unloading is automatic. There’s unique assistance when the plates are thicker, which means problem-free operation. That’s a plus.” He adds, “The hybrid screening improves highlights and shadows while surface screen increases the solid ink density. All this results in better quality and print results.”

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