Surya Global invests in three Bobst metallisers

Delhi-based Surya Global Flexifilms has invested in three Bobst Expert K5 2900 metallisers, the first of which was installed last year, with the second to be installed in Q2 and the third to be installed by the end of the year.

19 Feb 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The three metallisers will help the company to produce metallised BOPP film including AluBond coated film

Incorporated in 2020, Surya Global Flexifilms is a subsidiary of Surya Food & Agro, the manufacturer of Priyagold brand of biscuits.

The incorporation of Surya Global Flexifilms enables the brand to produce its own films for packaging its Priyagold products as well as for supply to customers both domestically and internationally. The three metallisers will help the company to produce metallised BOPP film including AluBond coated film.

The first machine, which has been running since last year, incorporates a high-rate source which gives a higher speed of operation, and reduced distance between the boats giving better coating uniformity. It also includes a 700-mm coating drum, the largest in the industry and unique to the Ecpert K5 which improves collection efficiency by 16% maximising productivity and providing production cost savings enabling Surya to produce high-quality metallised films at a lower cost. 

Later this year, the second metalliser will be installed on-site, incorporating all the features of the first machine. This one will also include the unique Bobst AluBond process and Bobst Hawkeye. 

AluBond improves metal adhesion and dyne level on the most common film substrates as well as improving barrier levels on polyolefin-based substrates such as BOPP. 

Bobst Hawkeye is an in-line optical density deposition control and defect monitoring system. At full metalliser speed, Hawkeye detects, counts and categorises pinholes and other defects, alerting the operator so the issue can be rectified immediately resulting in less film waste. 

The last machine to be installed will be a twin of the first machine.

Shekhar Agarwal, chairman of Surya Global Flexifilms, said “When we decided to start producing our own metallised film in-house, we wanted a company we could trust. Bobst has a reputation in the market and we have heard great things about AluBond. We are happy with the first machine which produces high-quality films. We look forward to our other two machines being installed so we can start to produce AluBond film.”