Suri Print buys Ricoh

An all-time crowded commercial printing shop situated in Vijayanagar area of Bengaluru, Suri Print Shop offers digitally printed vibrant graphics that grab customers’ eyeballs, pull their attention, and drop their jaws. Behind all that vibrancy in the company’s commercial print outputs is the newly installed Rioch Pro C7200x digital colour production press from Monotech Systems.

16 Feb 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Suresh C and Girish with the Ricoh Pro C7200x

Established in 2015, Suri Print Shop has garnered popularity during this short span of its establishment. It’s managed and run by a league of business partners. “My wife Mrs S Sithravathi is the proprietor of Suri Print Shop and Girish is a key management partner,” Suresh C, manager, Suri Print Shop, said. 

He added, “All in all, we have a team of 10 highly skilled professionals engaging in graphic designing, printing, and production of anything related to commercial graphics, packaging prints, wedding photos, invitation cards, booklets, wall calendars, fliers, pamphlets, gift boxes, posters, among others.”

Altogether, Suri Print Shop offers everything about printing under one roof. For that, the company boasts a portfolio of machines of all technologies which keep upgrading as per the sheer demands and requirements of different qualities of print outputs from their customers. In this, Suresh said, “Being the latest to our machine portfolio, Ricoh Pro C7200x from Monotech Systems is what it all takes for us to digitally print all premium applications like wedding photos (albums as well), gift boxes, fancy cards, etc.” 

Suri Print Shop’s production facility is well clustered into printing and post-printing divisions as well as ones for offset and digital wide-format printing. “Offering right from business cards up to colourful outdoor banners, we are fully equipped with a complete line of printing and finishing machines. Among them, Ricoh Pro C7200x is our key to achieving a new definition in digital printing, adding eccentric innovations and print enhancements to the graphic print outputs,” Suresh added.

He added, “Ricoh Pro C7200x is a ground-breaking machine with which we now keep away all our troubles and challenges in digital production printing. Its power, versatility, and performance surpass any other digital production press in its class. We are so grateful to this advanced Rioch digital press, which finally adds extra flexibility and efficiency to our overall digital printing. Advanced features of this digital production press help us reinvent textures and sharpness in wedding photos, gift boxes, fancy cards, and many such items or applications in brand new outlooks with extra effects and enhancements.”