Surat’s Metro Plus installs Komori Lithrone G37

Surat-based Metro Plus invested in a Komori Lithrone G37 with online coater, which was installed at the company shopfloor post-PrintPack 2019.

08 Apr 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Birju Talati with the new Komori

The company has been a Komori loyalist for the past 12 years, and Birju Talati of Metro Plus said it’s the best thing in the market. “Prior to the installation, engineers from Komori gave training to our team. The Komori service team is supportive and always available to help,” Talati said.

Metro Plus offers short-run printing services. The company started in 2006 with a Komori Sprint four-colour machine, a 1979 model. As business grew, the company invested in three more four-colour pre-owned machines. In 2010, Metro Plus invested in a pre-owned four-colour coater.

The recently installed Komori Lithrone G37 is the company first new machine. “The new machine is very fast,” Talati said. “We don’t have to worry about jobs printing in the machine.”

The Komori Lithrone G37 comes with inline coater with UV, IR and semi-long extended delivery. It can print sheets up to 37-inches, thus taking care of all publishing and commercial printing requirements. Colour management can be implemented by including a colour bar on sheets with 8- up A4 sizes.

“Now we produce high page count products with excellent print quality. Thickness up to 0.8-mm can be printed with inline coater. It’s good machine for packaging. We have printed 400 jobs of 1,000 sheets so far. The machine has helped me increase my production capacity,” Talati said.

He said the current market is competitive as prices of jobs are going down and raw material prices are increasing. “As a printer, the solution is to focus on quality. Enhanced productivity and cutting-edge technology is the answer,” he said.

He said with the new machine, the company’s production has become very fast. “The machine also offers quick job change over time, around 4-5 minutes. We have never cancelled our job due to machine problem because we never faced it so far,” he added.