Surat’s KCL Imaging buys Ricoh

Surat-based digital print specialist KCL Imaging has reinforced its infrastructure with the addition of the Ricoh Pro C9200 digital production press. The press has been installed by Monotech Systems.

18 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Veena Ben Kagathara and her daughter Jahanvi Kagathara of KCL imaging

Established in 2000 by Hiteshbhai Kagathara, KCL Imaging is one of the biggest digital printing and colour lab businesses with facilities in Surat, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot, catering to over 250 clients from the textile and the graphic arts industry.

Veena Ben Kagathara, proprietor, KCL, said, “We have been providing excellent services in the digital printing field for the last 22 years. Ricoh machines have helped us to drive down our costs and increase our profitability. The excellent working of the press for the high-volume consistent prints, backed by good after-sales service and technical support from Monotech Systems tilted the scale in favour of Ricoh.”

Kagathara added that the company is always ready to accept the change and the challenges which is why we are known as the best in the market. “KCL believes that change is inevitable and, in the technology, digital field, it is only a win-win situation for the business when the change is accepted. KCL aims to achieve high goals which are only possible with the greatest and latest technology,” Kagathara added.

Currently, the KCL imaging is being headed by the two women entrepreneurs — Veena Ben Kagathara and her daughter Jahanvi Kagathara.

“We have been using Ricoh for over a decade now and my late husband, Hitesh Bhai was awarded by Ricoh in 2013. He had always thought 10 years ahead of the industry. His inspiration helps us in maintaining this goodwill at KCL. I believe in the same process and am always ready to take the risk. As per his vision, we are trying to carry forward the legacy of the company to take a quantum leap and disrupt the printing industry,” she said.

She added that customers were happy with KCL, as they felt technology upgrades were required in the market. That’s why the company installed the Ricoh Pro C9200 to make this change possible and to give the best quality and fast service in the field of digital printing.

“We have been able to increase the production capacity and we expect the growth to be double. Monotech Systems has always been a great support to KCL Imaging, making proper analysis on our market to suggest us the best fit machine,” she added.

Ajeet Pareek, business head, digital products and solutions at Monotech Systems, said, Monotech Systems has been associated with KCL Imaging for almost a decade, and they have been one of our biggest customers. We express our gratitude for their continued trust in us. It is a proud moment for us to have India’s biggest digital printer covering the textile market in Surat and the entire nation is on board with us.”

The Ricoh Pro C9200 sheetfed printers offer the essential capabilities for successful offset-to-digital migration: quality comparable to offset, high reliability for long runs, generous paper capacity, expansive media support and ease of use. Suitable for commercial printers, service bureaus and enterprise in-plant operations, this digital press allows a business to meet changing customer requirements.