Surat printers launch web-to-packaging platform, Turtle Boxes

Surat-based Mehul Shah and Alok Jain have launched a web-to-packaging eCommerce platform, Turtle Boxes. According to the company, it is the country’s first eCommerce platform to revolutionise online purchase of labels and packaging.

22 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Both Shah and Jain are in commercial and packaging printing. They said the primary focus of Turtle Boxes is to provide the best printed quality mono cartons and shipping boxes for small and medium startups and brands.

“Now, customers can order a minimum of 25 boxes of a single design and SKU. If they don't want a printed one, they can also order plain boxes to pack their stuff and sell in the market,” Shah and Jain said.

According to Shah and Jain, the idea behind Turtle Boxes is that it wants to end the struggle of businesses and individuals who don’t want to visit a printing press with in-person orders and spend their time in the printing press.

“During trial and beta testing, we have received amazing responses and orders from the online packaging designers and buyers,” Shah and Jain said. “We will extend our offerings with labels/stickers and carry bags. Soon, we will make it a one-stop solution for cosmetics, bakery, food and other startups.”

The Turtle Box backend technology, PackQ, is being developed by CloudLab, a pioneer in building web-to-print, web-to-pack and web-to-labels. The CloudLab AG Technology Distribution is handled and sold in India by Dezmark Automation.