Sundeep Press hops on an Autoprint Reckoner to serve VDP customers

New Delhi-based commercial print specialists, Sundeep Press has invested in an Autoprint Reckoner VDP 65 variable data printing machine to serve its customers, quicker and better.

24 May 2011 | By Rahul Kumar

Sundeep Kukreja, managing director of Sundeep Press, said: "We have plenty of personalisation work as we do jobs for insurance, bank and telecom sector. We have printed more than 60,000 sheets on the machine and it is performing well."
The VDP 65 can handle a paper sheet up to a size of 19in x26in and paper thickness between 45 to 350gsm. The variable data printing press is capable for numbering, barcode, postal mail addressing. It can print variable data at a speed of 6,000 sheets per hour.

"The speciality of the machine is: as the size of the sheet will decrease, the speed of the machine will increase and it can go up to 12,000 sheets per hour," stated Kukreja.

The forty-year old firm, which installed the first VDP 65 in North India, has a plate making facility and produces more than 2,000 plates per month. Its multi-colour and mono offset presses converts 10-tons of paper per month.

Sundeep Press operates with a team of 35 employees in the 18,000 sq/ft site.