Subir Paul of Manroland Goss dead

Subir Paul, general manager, Manroland Goss Web Systems died on 28 April 2021. His wife had passed two days ago. Both of them were Covid infected. They are survived by their daughter, Punyotoya.

29 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Subir Paul (6 January 1966 - 28 April 2021)

Subir Paul was an alumnus of the Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Kolkata. After a seven-year stint in TechNova Imaging Systems, he joined Kodak India. In his 12 years journey with Kodak, he made Kodak’s CTP plates and systems a force to reckon with on the Indian subcontinent. His knowledge and experience about the newspaper industry made him a sought-after talent at The Printers House and Flint Group, prior to joining Manroland Goss.

Suhas Kulkarni, managing director technology at DKHS, said, “Subir Paul was a dear friend and an old colleague. He was with us as regional manager for North and East while in Kodak, where he had a long stint. He knew every printer and packaging converter in Kolkata, Delhi and even Punjab. He was an extremely jovial personality. His ability to lead a team from the front is what I noticed as a peer. One of the most customer-focussed business managers I have seen in the last twenty years, he would listen to the voice of the customer, loud and clear."

Subir Paul's contribution to the industry was his ability to tap young persons and nurture them. Other than his professional role, he has nurtured the alumni associations of print institutes.

S Swarnangka, who is an RIPT alumni, added, “Subir Paul didn't create followers. Like a true leader, he created more leaders. This doesn’t occur by happenstance. Subir Paul believed that creating leaders requires diligence and at least one decade."

Swarnangka added, “When I started my career, I had a difficult time understanding what is the role of a technologist in an industry like ours. Subir Paul guided me and helped me grow my career. Luckily, years later, I would have great mentors. But early on, I had many questions and few people willing to help me find the answers. Subir Paul's doors were always open for a nobody like me."

Arnab Maiti, general manager, South Asia, Esko, said, “No words to express my grief towards this very tragic and untimely departure of a noble soul. I lost a big brother, a coach, a well-wisher, a mentor all in one. I would not be what I am today (professionally) had it not been for the mentoring and coaching by Subir early on. I was campus-selected by him and then got the opportunity to work under his leadership for six years in Kodak, the formative years of my career. He was two personas in one soul, a demanding sales manager professionally and a caring big brother to youngsters and rookies like me. He was known for his deft skills in channel management, key account management and he forged life-long relationships with colleagues, partners and customers through his empathetic style of management. While we mourn his sad demise, Indian print fraternity lost a gem of a human being.”

He is mourned by the alumni of the Regional Institute of Printing Technology, friends and associates in the industry, along with his family members.

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