Subhashish Paper Products installs DGM’s Technofold 1100

Vapi-based Subhashish Paper Products installed the Technofold 1100 folder-gluer from DGM in the last quarter of 2019. Ashish Seksaria, director, Subhashish Paper Products, said, “We had bulk quantities to convert, but due to manual operation and our existing Indian machines, we were struggling to produce the quantity. This is why we decided to invest in the Technofold 1100.”

21 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Kirit Madhani, director, Subhashish Paper Products with his DGM Technofold

The company’s jobs include four-corner, crash lock-bottom and E-flute cartons.

The Technofold is designed to run at the maximum speed of 300-m/min with solid board ranging from 170-gsm to 800-gsm and three-ply litho-laminated cartons up to 20-mm folded thickness. This machine has capability of processing straight line, crash lock-bottom, double wall, conical cartons, CD/ pocket folder and four/six-corner for both solid and three-ply cartons.

Established in 2010, Subhashish Paper Products started as a small unit catering to clients from the FMCG industry. Over the years, SPP gained the trust and confidence of its clientele, which helped us expand our business in 2018 into a full-fledged unit with all operations in-house.

SPP strategically invested into a lot of machines at its new plant in GIDC Vapi, including the DGM folder-gluer.

A team of three — Subhash, Ashish and Kirit — runs the show and divides responsibilities accordingly. Subhash Seksaria is responsible for finance; Ashish Seksaria is responsible for marketing and new development and Kirit Madhani is responsible for day-to-day affairs and production.

Seksaria said, “We see a continuous rise in demand for packaging jobs as modern trade and eCommerce is growing and end consumers are showing interest for products with attractive packaging.”

He believes that automation of all processes to improve quality and controlling overheads is the key. “We need to invest in smart solutions for continuous innovation,” he said. “The DGM folder-gluer is a user-friendly machine and my operators took around three weeks to operate the machine and get the maximum output. We have installed other machines last year too but the folder-gluer was the easiest to adopt.

Seksaria said after the installation the company’s production has become fast and the delivery time has reduced. “We are getting double the output with the same strength. Because of the DGM kit, we can now produce tube light cartons and four and six-corner cartons, which we were not able to do earlier,” he concluded.