Subhashish Paper Products gets a DGM Technocut

Vapi, Gujarat-based Subhashish Paper Products has installed a DGM Technocut 1050S flatbed die-cutter with stripping. Previously, just before the pandemic, the company had installed a DGM TechnoFold 1100 SL folder-gluer. Last year, the company also invested in a UV Press, with window-patching and auto lamination, which is on its way from China.

09 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Ashish Seksaria, director, Subhashish Paper Products with the DGM Technocut 1050

Ashish Seksaria, director, Subhashish Paper Products, said, “This machine is capable of cutting board from 80 to 2,000-gsm and fluted board up to 5-mm, which made us shift a lot of our corrugated (E, F, N and B flute) boxes jobs from manual, saving time and improving quality.”

He added that the die-cutter with stripping purchased last year during the lockdown, has resulted in time saving for complicated boxes. The inline stripping has helped in speed up the production with this high-speed machine.

The DGM Technocut 1050S is equipped with all latest features available in the market which helps us for faster makeready time and better productivity.

Ashish said, the professional approach and trained team of DGM India had helped them get the machine efficiency more than expected. They are able to produce 50,000 sheets in a 12 hours production shift. Adding DGM Die-cutter had helped them in replacing 7-8 manual die-cutters and using inline stripping is helping them reduce labour cost and produce fast. This in turn helps the company to improve top-line by maintaining bottom line.  

Established in 2010, Subhashish Paper Products started as a small unit catering to the clients from the FMCG industry. Over the years, it has gained the trust and confidence of its clientele, which helped it expand its business to a full-fledged unit with all operations in-house in 2018. The company also strategically invested into a lot of machines at its new plant in GIDC Vapi.

A team of three — Subhash, Ashish and Kirit — run the show and divide responsibilities accordingly. Subhash Seksaria is responsible for finance; Ashish Seksaria is responsible for marketing and new development and Kirit Madhani is responsible for day-to-day affairs and production.

“The major challenge in the packaging industry is faster turnaround with quality. Clients are not ready to give you a proper lead time and everyone wants the material the very next day,” Seksaria said. “So, to match up to the expectation, we have to speed up our process without compromising on the quality.”

He added, “We are happy DGM users. This is the reason we purchased two machines from the company in two years and planning to add more in coming expansion plans”

Puneet Aggarwal, managing director, DGM India, said, “Our main motto is to keep our existing users satisfied and then look for another business. DGM India will work on the principles of what the Indian culture expects with a professional approach. We believe more on trust and relationships than teaching rules and regulations to our customers.”