Students feted at DIGC Convocation

Tushar Dhote welcomed three batches of students from Hyderabad, Indore, Jammu, Nagpur and Pune who have been tutored at DOT Institute of Graphic Communication (DIGC).

17 Jul 2019 | By Charmiane Alexander

 Tushar Dhote along with Uday Dhote, both directors of Dhote Offset Technokrafts, spoke about "sharpening the skills of print graduates and helping existing family-owned businesses to groom their future generations. In this sense, DIGC provides education to make its students capable managers and entrepreneurs through practical exposure to real-time working of the industry plus the soft skills required to be a manager or CEO. "

DIGC organised an Annual Convocation programme at MIG Club on 10 July, 2019. The convocation was attended by industry leaders which included Aspi Forbes (Jak Printers); Naren Kalapi (TechNova Imaging Systems); Vilas Sangurdekar (All India Federation of Master Printers); Anand Limaye(MMS, MMP, MMPIPTR and MSBTE and IPW), Faheem Agboatwala (BMPA), Mehul Shah (MMS and Onlooker Press); Medha Virkar (MMS, BMPA and Kaleidographics); Tushar Pande (Emerging Graphic); etc.

After the welcome speech and Uday Dhote's DIGC highlights, Naren Kalapi shared an anecdote about what is knowledge in the actual world. As he rightly said through an anecdote, ‘learning never stops and this is just the beginning of learning’. Aspi Forbes spoke about book binding and how book binding needs to supplement print in order to maintain the uniqueness of each and every book. Anand Limaye requested the students to be ever-prepared for the glorious uncertainties of business have always have a Plan B. Meanwhile Faheem Agboatwala stressed upon the importance of innovation and artificial intelligence.

The programme concluded with the handing over of certificates to the students who completed their post-graduate diploma in print management by Ramu Ramanathan, Aspi Forbes, Naren Kalapi. This was followed by the conferring of certificates to the students of the short-term specialised courses at the hands of Vilas Sangurdekar, Faheem Agboatwala and Medha Virkar.

The proceedings of the event concluded with a speech by Ramu Ramanathan to be aware of what is happening in our industry. He said, there are many leaders in the industry, be it: commercial print, packaging, wide-format, etc. The question he asked the gathering is: is the model essentially changing? If yes, are you ready? He said, "I see, the culture of print businesses 10 years ago when we started PWI is very different from what it is now. And so, how do you see print and packaging engage with the new generation of print?

(l-r) Aspi Forbes of Jak Printers with Aaditya Pahuja, student DIGC

The event concluded with the vote of thanks by Lukman Gnanraj, chief coordinator DIGC.  He acknowledged Faheem Agboatwala's feedback of "One Book, One Pen, One Child and One Teacher can Change the World". We agree.