Sri Jayaram Offset Press seeks competitive edge with a brand new RMGT press

Vijayawada-based Sri Jayaram Offset Press, which used pre-owned presses to get a foothold in the capital intensive print business, has now upped its efficiency game to meet the challenges of a competitive market. The company has installed its first brand new RMGT 790 XL four-colour printing press.

08 Nov 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

G Venkateswara Reddy of Sri Jayaram Offset Press with the new RMGT 790 XL

G Venkateswara Reddy of Sri Jayaram Offset Press (SJOP), said, “The market is becoming competitive, especially in commercial printing segment. A new printing press is one of the ways to compete.”

The RMGT 790XL UV-ready press is equipped with the acclaimed V-Type feeder; automatic blanket cleaning device (for UV); automatic nip-checking mode making roller nip pressure checking much easier; programme inking; R-matic D advanced dampening system for optimised balance of water and ink, and others. It is a straight press and can print at 15,000-impressions an hour.

SJOP began as a partnership firm in 2004. A split in the partnership in 2009 meant Reddy had to run the press alone. He was supported by his wife, Vijayalakshmi, as a partner of in SJOP.

The company specialises in exercise notebooks, and promotional materials printing among others, and has already printed more than 27 lakh B2 sheets on the recently installed printing press in round-the-clock operation. “It’s fast, and the output is also top quality, which is important for us as we print promotion materials, which has to be the best. Besides, the UV-ready press along with uncoated jobs, which can take a long time to dry, can speed things up for us,” said Reddy.

Reddy, a Kargil veteran, has served the Indian Army for 18 years. Having tasted success with the new kit, Reddy has set sight on upgrading the other sections of his company’s print production areas – pre- and post-press. “Once the financials are in place,” Reddy concluded.