Spotlight on women in the industry on jury day

The Women to Watch jury day is underway. Six jury members will scrutinise the entries that will celebrate the clout of women in the print and packaging industry. As Naheed Sorabjee, director at HaymarketSac said, “It is very important for women to see role models. Today there are women selling plates and chemistry or operating digital presses.”

28 Apr 2023 | By PrintWeek India

Print is still male-dominated but it is changing dramatically

The Women to Watch Awards seeks to honour the women who lead and inspire excellence in the printing and packaging sectors. The awards reflect PrintWeek’s commitment to promoting gender equality in the industry.

Charmiane Alexander, digital editor at PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? said, “I never felt that my gender placed me at a disadvantage, but one change I have been noticing is a significant increase in the number of women in the industry over the last 10 years and that’s great.” She added, “But the industry needs role models. Also we need success stories which we can celebrate.” Which is why we are hosting the premier edition of Women to Watch Awards

The jury day began with a brief of the all-women jury by Charmiane Alexander and Disha Chakraborty. Followed by briefing of the entries and the process by Ramu Ramanathan of PrintWeek, the Jury Day will follow esteemed members assessing and evaluating each of the samples received in 12 different categories. 

The jury will examine at a total of 70 entries across categories such as; educator of the year, business leader of the year, factory champion of the year, R&D captain, rising star of the year, fintech leader, designer of the year, mentor of the year, sales champion of the year, young business leader, packaging person of the year and publishing person of the year.

Disha Chakraborty said, “There is a perception when I studied print at SIES Graduate School of Technology that women are good for costing and HR. Even when we visited factories we saw women in the accounts department. But some of the best shop floors around the world have young women in charge. I think advances in tech have eliminated some of the heavy lifting and you do see more women in production now. Print needs strong links with design and schools so we can attract many more young women like me into the sector. Young people want creative jobs so we must offer them success stories that motivate them about our industry.”

Jury members at a glance
The six jury members who will evaluate the entries on 28 April are 

Aashika Sadh, founder of #ASHTAG
Benita Paul, head of marketing - Asia at Siegwerk
Bhavika Shah, founder and creative director of Beyondesign
Divya Subramaniam, consulting senior copy editor at Haymarket SAC Publishing
Nita Uday Dhote, associate professor and HoD, English of Nagindas Khandwala College (University of Mumbai
Shormistha Mukherjee, director of Flying Cursor Interactive

The jury members are evaluating 70 entries which have been received in 12 categories.