Spotlight on Michelman’s heat resistant coating

The flexible packaging industry in India is booming, and brands are keen to invest in innovative, flexible packaging structures. Michelman sees an opportunity in this area and good potential in the market because many brand owners and converters are aware of water-based coatings and are using them to modify their packaging structures.

29 Apr 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Michelman’s heat resistant coating has shown excellent results on BOPP and PE flow wraps and laminates. BOPP and PE laminates can shrink during the sealing process, and this can cause wrinkles and destroy the barrier. By applying a protective heat resistant coating to prevent barrier loss, Michelman provides excellent heat resistance on polypropylene and polyethylene films; improved release properties for the film which prevents jaws from sticking on the FFS line; easy recyclability; and water-based solutions.

How does it work?
BOPP and PE films have an inherent property of shrinking when exposed to excessive heat, which can be an issue during the sealing process. Michelman’s heat resistant coating provides a barrier for heat and prevents the jaws from sticking during the sealing process. It also prevents wrinkles on the film, thereby improving the aesthetics of the flow wrap or laminate.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition?
Michelman’s heat resistant coating provides a barrier for heat on polypropylene and polyethylene films.

What support is available?
According to Shailesh Nema, Vice President & Managing Director, Michelman India, Michelman has invested in the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC) where we develop water-based coatings for printing & packaging. Our facility has a coating line, a formulation and application lab, and a finishing line. The MICC is open to all brand owners, converters, and film manufacturers.

One area of focus at the MICC is the creation of packaging structures with improved barrier properties. In fact, since last year’s grand opening in Mumbai, the MICC has invited brand owners, film producers, converters, and universities to take advantage of the facility’s centrepiece, a dual-station Kroenert pilot coater laminator that allows packaging manufacturers to test new concepts without stopping their production lines.

The MICC also has other capabilities for the development of sustainable packaging solutions including multifunctional coating heads for various coating methods or adhesive applications, multiple printing processes, ability to coat a wide range of substrates up to 400-micron thickness, and UV top and heat nip lamination capability.

Michelman’s heat resistant coating has been commercialised and used currently by brands for BOPP and PE outer flow wraps and laminates.