SPAI get-together celebrates printers and progress

The Screen Printers Association of India (SPAI) recently hosted a gathering in Ahmedabad, marking a significant milestone in the local printing community. With more than 85 printers in attendance, the event served as a platform for camaraderie, innovation, and professional development.

29 Apr 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

The SPAI team at the event

The event saw a surge in membership, with 10+ new members joining the SPAI family and several renewals from existing members. This influx of fresh perspectives promises to invigorate the association and drive progress within the industry.

Prakash Gosai was appointed as the chairman of the Gujarat state chapter, entrusted with leading the local community towards greater achievements and prosperity. 

At the event, directors engaged in meaningful discussions with industry representatives, exploring avenues for collaboration and addressing challenges facing the printing sector. These dialogues laid the foundation for future partnerships and initiatives.

Also, distinguished dignitaries and industry stalwarts were felicitated for their contributions to the printing sector. Their expertise and dedication serve as an inspiration to all members of the SPAI community.

Members actively participated in discussions and provided valuable suggestions for the advancement of the printing industry. These insights will guide future initiatives and ensure that SPAI remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

The event provided an ideal platform for networking, allowing members to forge new connections, exchange ideas, and build mutually beneficial relationships.