Sona Papers unveils new logo

Fine papers specialist, Sona Papers unveiled their new logo and mnemonics as part of the company’s strategic realignment.

22 Jan 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

The New Delhi-based company is one of the largest suppliers of luxury fine papers in India.  With a portfolio consisting of papers from countries like Italy, Austria, Sweden, UK and Korea, the product range is said to cover the entire spectrum of specially created exclusive papers.

Speaking about the decision, Raju Suneja, director, marketing and sales, Sona Papers said, "We have long been feeling the need to align ourselves, our brand and our identity with the emerging realities of the present. Being sustainable or eco-friendly is not enough, and the conundrum of optimal utilisation of scarce resources also has to be addressed adequately."

"It is towards this end that the change in the logo is aimed, which is the first major step towards re-imagining our entire business methodologies. Suffice to say that we are willingly taking the test by fire and are sure of emerging leaner and meaner from the exercise," he added.

The five-decade-old Sona has more than twelve offices that represent it in every major market across India. Besides, the company also has a strong presence in the Far Eastern and the Middle Eastern parts of the world.

The company's clientele includes global brands like Samsung, H&M, Zara, Kingfisher, Hyundai, Maruti, among many others.

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