Sona Papers launches new range of speciality papers

Sona Papers has launched a new range of papers brand Neenah to be available at pan-India basis. The new range consists of 72 product SKUs, including Neenah paper’s signature brands Classic, Environment, and Royal Sundance.

21 Jan 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Neenah has been the market leader for the last 100 years in the creation and manufacturing of papers for premium writing, text, cover, digital, packaging and label applications. Primarily Neenah is organised into two business, a performance-based technical products business and a fine paper and packaging business making high-end materials for uses where image matters. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia in the US, Neenah is entirely focused on the premium paper market and developing new technologies that meet the needs of designers, consumers, printers, and merchants.

The launch took place at Pulp Society, a creative gallery and workshop initiative by Sona Papers in New Delhi.

“Sona and Neenah association are a great collaboration to offer environmentally sustainable products by offering recycled and alternative fibre products to our customers,” said Raju Suneja, promoter at Sona Papers. “It is our goal to ensure that paper remains a vital and vibrant medium of expression without compromising the environment protection and with Neenah Paper’s product in our offering, will surely add to the designers delight.”

The evening get-together also witness the launch of another brand, Xtella Brilliant White by Sona Papers from the Korea-based Hansol. Hansol Paper, South Korea’s largest paper manufacturer, is known for producing premium quality printing paper, industrial paper, special paper, thermal paper, etc. “This new range from Hansol will surely give designers and brands an extra edge to reflect upon their creativity,” said Sanjay Suneja, managing director at Sona Papers.

The evening also saw the launch of Sona Papers Annual Calendar, 2021. Sona Papers has been known to create annual creative collaborative calendar every year for its clients. The theme of this year’s calendar is ‘flexibility and motivation’, that celebrate the human endurance during the recent pandemic and lockdown.

“The two mantras that has guided us along the way this year and has kept us motivated to stay with life, conveys the calendar theme,” said Raju Suneja. The calendar is printed on different types of paper from Sona product portfolio, so that the beholder may also feel the tactile and olfactory sensations of paper, which cannot be replicated by any form of digital media.

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