Sona introduces Hansol’s new Insper M range in India

Sona Papers, one of the country’s biggest suppliers of luxury fine paper, introduced the new Insper M range from Korea-based Hansol Paper in a gala event organised in Delhi on 18 September 2018.

19 Sep 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Team Hansol and Team Sona launch Insper M

According to Victor BG Noh, executive vice-president, international sales, Hansol, Insper is a portmanteau word to include both inspiring and paper and inspiring and performance. Thus, the premium fine paper is targeted at designers looking to add an edge to their work.

Noh said the Insper M brand is the company’s attempt to take its popular Montblanc brand of luxury paper to the next level both in terms of whiteness diversity and gsm range.

Accordingly, the paper comes in three varieties — Insper M Rough, Insper M smooth, and Insper M Eggshell. Ideal for making posters, shopping bags, calendars, catalogues, etc, Noh said the papers are available in super white, extra white, and white and weight diversities range from 90gsm to 400gsm.

Speaking on the occasion, Sang Hun Lee, CEO, Hansol Paper, extolled its decade-long association with Sona, which helped popularise Hansol’s range of papers in India. He also thanked the printing and designing community present on the occasion for their support. “Coming to India, I learnt a new Hindi word, ‘yatra’, meaning journey. With Insper, we want to begin a joint yatra together,” Lee said.

Raju Suneja of Sona Papers added, “Hansol has been an integral part of our journey and innovation.”

With the packaging printing market on the rise, Noh said the Insper M range should inspire designers to embark upon innovative packaging design.

On the question of cost vs quality, which is a major concern in India, Noh said, while it’s a fact that Indian customers want cheaper paper, the trend is slowly shifting towards quality, with more and more customers asking for quality paper irrespective of cost.

He said depending on the demand from India, Insper M would be available in the country in the next three months.