Sona calendar chronicles how paper changed the world

Sona Papers has created a unique calendar for 2020 that spins the yarn on how paper has, gradually but forcefully, changed the world by its influence. According to the company, the calendar, which is visually stunning, is as much a statement on the qualities of paper that has ushered in irrevocable change since its introduction, as it is an example of the different types of premier papers that Sona sources from manufacturers from around the world.

12 Feb 2020 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

To highlight this point, the leaves dedicated to each month in the calendar are printed on different types of paper so that one can feel the tactile and olfactory sensations of paper, which cannot be replicated by any form of digital media.

Established in 1966, Sona Papers today is a one-stop solution that addresses all paper related needs of a variety of discerning buyers. With a network of offices spread across the country, the company has married quality products at reasonable prices with dedicated customer support.

This is helped the company grow in such a way that today Sona has gone across the shores of the country and established an equally notable presence in the middle-east.

Now, to reflect on paper’s continuing relevance in a world which is in constant flux, Sona is undertaking a massive exercise to rebrand itself. With the tagline, ‘We have evolved’, Sona is now celebrating the basic tenet of life, as it rides the crest of change to a better, more papery tomorrow.

The calendar, which is a part of this exercise, is aimed at refurbishing the communication of the entity, speaking as it is, for itself and for the generic product it represents.

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