Social distancing only way to keep us safe, says Harsh Singhania of JK Paper

Harsh Pati Singhania, vice president and MD, JK Paper and director of JK Organisation has urged citizens to follow government orders to combat Covid-19, in a video clip shared on the company's official LinkedIn handle.

01 Apr 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Harsh Pati Singhania, the vice-chairman and managing director, JK Paper

The head of JK Paper urged fellow citizens to practice social distancing and follow government rules, so that India could come out as a winner in the effort to fight coronavirus pandemic.

In the 1.28-min clip, Singhania said: "We are living in unprecedented times. Never has the world in recent memory encountered a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world has been affected. India has taken unprecedented and strong measures to try and combat this. It has declared a three-week complete shutdown of the entire country and its citizens. While this may seem very inconvenient and harsh to each one of us, it is actually in our best interest."

Singhania further said that the only way to combat and contain this deadly virus is to follow a complete shutdown. "So, please respect government orders, please follow the fact that they want us to remain at home and stay at home, please practice social distancing and keep ourselves safe. Social distancing is the only proven way to keep everybody safe," he added.

"So let us keep each one of us, our families and all our citizens safe. Please cooperate in this thing and we will come out stronger, India will come out a winner," Singhania concluded.

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