SMI’s mobile app simplifies labelstock selection

After simplifying labelstock selection process with a first-of-its-kind application-oriented labelstock specification booklet in 2014, SMI, the Indian label manufacturer, has gone a step ahead in making the technical process of choosing the right product extremely easy for all users.

19 Nov 2016 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

At Labelexpo 2016, the company has launched an Andriod and iOS compatible mobile app for labelstock selection, estimation and sample order placement.

The application-oriented approach to develop this product selector app is a brainchild of SMI’s corporate director, Rohit Mehta. Mehta said, “This tool has something for everybody who deals with labels, right from a label firm CEO to the planner, operator and also the label buyer.”

Demonstrating the app to PrintWeek India team, Mehta said, “On the basis of key input parameters like the storage conditions, surface of application, type of material, flat and curved diameter, and application temperature, the app lets you choose the labelstock finish and release liner and returns with appropriate products from SMI’s basket of over 400 products.”

This simple and easy-to-use interactive app then allows the user to place a request for either a sample roll, or A4 sample sheet and specification sheet. This request will trigger an email to one of SMI’s sales coordinator, wherein you can mention additional requirement before sending the email.

Besides this, the app has several helpful calculators which would help the planning personnel to calculate numerous things required daily in production and planning like the size of the roll required for a job, number of ups and finally reach a configuration that generates minimum wastage.

The app also has measurement conversions and information related to new product launches by SMI. Being a solutions oriented company, Mehta is proud of the fact that since July 2016, SMI has designed and provided more than 90 Label Stock Solutions for a variety of Label Applications.