Skypack invests during Covid times

The show must go on. Taking this adage a step further, Faridabad-based Skypack made new capacity investment worth more than Rs 30-crore in the last couple of month, the impact of Covid-19 notwithstanding.

28 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Naveen Talwar, director-marketing, Skypack

The new capacity includes a nine-colour gravure press from Bobst, solvent-free laminators from Nordmeccanica, a top of the line pouch-making machines from Mamata;  hybrid injection-moulding machines; new high cavity injection-moulding moulds for making spouts and caps for personal care and food items; as well as multiple slitters, rewinders and inspection equipments.

According to the company, Skypack is strongly focused on sustainable films, easy-to-recycle laminates as well as high-barrier films. “Over the past two years, we have been working with several multinational clients to move to easy-to-recycle and mono material films and laminates,” Naveen Talwar, director-marketing, Skypack said.

The new investments are a move towards this direction. For example, the recently commissioned press comes with fine tension controls and unique capabilities to print on sustainable films and high quality graphics on paper.

“We are bullish about growth even during the on-going Covid-19 crisis,” Talwar said. “There has been a surge in demand in food and medical packaging and we expect this to grow in years to come. We also have a strong customer base with whom we share long-term associations and that gives us confidence to grow.”

On the subject of working during lockdown and social distancing, Talwar explained, “The systems and technology, which we deployed last year, are helping us in the new normal. Our office, which moved seamlessly to cloud on day one of the lockdown, is still working from cloud and the team is interacting virtually. This ensures safety to the people who are working on the shopfloor.”

Talwar also thanked Skypack customers who showed their confidence by placing orders with the company even during the lockdown period.

With the new investments, the company hopes to grow at least by 20% despite Covid-related slowdowns. Talwar added that the growth will come from sectors such as medical, food packaging, personal hygiene and agri products.

“We are committed to growth and sustainability. We will continue to invest in technologies, which help meet sustainable targets as set by our customers,” Talwar concluded.