SK Graphics gets Konica Minolta

Kanpur-based SK Graphics has recently invested in a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C12000.

19 Jan 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Konica Minolta kit at SK Graphics

SK Graphics embarked on its printing journey in 2017, setting the foundation for quality printing services in Kanpur. The company shopfloor features AccurioPress C6085 and C12000, enabling it to provide high-quality printing solutions for various needs. 

The Konica Minolta’s C12000 is a high-volume production printer that helps us boost operational efficiency, by increasing the uptime of the press and printing a greater output, in less time. With the intelligent quality optimiser unit, the company can achieve the desired print quality every time, job by job. 

According to a company representative, the goal was to attain superior print quality, and the Konica Minolta machines have consistently delivered outstanding results, meeting its expectations. “We invested in such sophisticated machinery to lean into Konica Minolta’s legacy of reliability and exceptional support to provide a competitive edge, making the C2060 a valuable asset for any print business,” the presentative said. 

The company’s production capacity stands at an impressive three-lakh prints, showcasing its ability to handle substantial printing volumes efficiently.