Sistrade launches new version of its ERP software

Sistrade, an international information systems engineering and consulting company, with offices and branches in various countries, has launches a new version, V.12.6 of the Sistrade MIS | ERP software that provides more than 200 new features and improvements helping to simplify, accelerate and improve all the company’s business processes.

24 Apr 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The new features and improvements available in the Sistrade software allow increasing the customers’ business through a reduction in operating costs, efficient use of time, easy access to information and optimisation of the resources. Companies can collect critical information related to their business that will allow managers to make more agile and efficient decisions within the company or from anywhere in the world.

In the CRM module of the new version, the possibility of connecting the calendar to Outlook Office 365 with bi-directional synchronisation has been added, in addition to the existing Microsoft Exchange and Gmail. The users can now easily prepare, send and receive Customer Satisfaction Survey data (evaluation of the service provided by the organisation).

The label component now includes a number of new features such as automatic record of finished product; cutting and engraving. After the approval of job order it automatically archives the finished product as well as the job order cuttings and engravings in the corresponding type of file. Also, it indicates the production method of the recto and verso labels in the cylinder feed length or width. This way, in the component details, the user can indicate whether the label is made in the width or along the roll in the estimates/job orders.

The flexible packaging and substrate extrusion components now includes FSC Control feature. Now, the user can define type of FSC/ PEFC certificate for these components.

In the offset and packaging components, there was a need to speed up the colour selection. In the colour section, by clicking on the colour name/ pantone/ varnish, the article and other additional information can be changed through a pop-up window.

In the invoicing module, it is now possible to prepare sample/ offer invoices. Customers now use this document to bill orders of this type.

In the orders module, the new trading feature allows reflecting the scenario of purchase and sale of (other) products and services, which may not even pass through the company, going directly from the supplier to the customer, it only requires a delivery note to invoice the sale to the customer.

The stocks module now has the feature for the graphic monitoring of the automatic warehouse. It is therefore possible to generate QR code barcodes and include them in the labels generated in reporting service or by print buffer.

When registering the quantity, the production data collection now allows the validation of the employees work start on a machine according to their skills. A presence of at least one employee is now mandatory in the manual registration of new quantities.

This module enables companies to keep history and compare the scheduling forecast with the actual data from production collection, providing the insight of deviations. In scheduling, there is now the possibility of defining criteria by resource, allowing the customers a more detailed analysis.

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