Silvassa’s Plywood Centre installs ThermoStar

Silvassa-based Plywood Centre has invested in a ThermoStar VLF thermal platesetter.

08 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Jayesh R Shah of Silvassa Plywood Centre

Jayesh R Shah of Silvassa Plywood Centre said, “I must thank TechNova for helping us with the installation. When we decided to opt for a VLF-size machine, we were to go for a CTCP, but TechNova suggested that we should go for a thermal digital platesetter. And it turned out to be the right decision.”

Previously, the company was using a violet platesetter.

Along with this, the company has also purchased a Konica Minolta production printer.

Jayesh R Shah started Plywood Centre in 1991 with a core business in plywood. In 1998, TechNova Imaging System was looking for dealers in south Gujarat. This is when the company first met Shah and the relationship is still going strong.

In 2017, Plywood Centre started with a violet CTP bureau. Currently, it has two VLF-size CTP machines. The company serves the entire south Gujarat, with customers in Vapi, Daman, Silvassa, Sarigam and Umbergaon. There are two people who carry out the daily activities. Pankit Desai takes care of the technical aspects and Jayesh Shah looks after commercial activities.

Shah said, “We have entered an era where we are encountering more and more digital media. And talking about Digital plates, right now, I hardly hear about PS analog plates.”

According to Shah, the biggest challenge of running a CTP bureau is that the machines are getting cheaper, and now, anyone can afford it. “And if we talk about only digital plates, I think for sizes up to 28x40-inches, in near future, as and when digital production machines like Konica Minolta and HP Indigo reduce their prices, demand for offset printing machines will see a decline. But, if we talk about VLF machines, it has a bright future for sure,” he said.

He said, after the installation of the ThermoStar VLF machine, the company has captured the entire range of customers. “The efficiency has increased. Before the VLF, we had limitations in the market and fewer opportunities. Now, the VLF has opened up the boundaries for us.”