Sightsavers makes education accessible for children with visual impairment

Amid a pandemic that engulfed almost the entire world and a lockdown, it became extremely difficult to manage the learning needs of blind and visually-impaired children. The challenges, however, were manifold when it came to reaching blind children in remote regions of the country for continuing inclusive education — a key programme of Sightsavers.

06 Oct 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Around a hundred children across all 33 districts of Rajasthan will receive laptops

Sightsavers, with the support from HCL Foundation, demonstrated the development of a model resource room in Jhalawar and Udaipur under its Inclusive Education Programme for children with visual impairment. Further, Sightsavers, during the meeting with Rajasthan state officials of the education department advocated after demonstrating the usage and importance of equipping government resource centres with devices like Divya Nayan, Mobile, Computer INDO-NVDA, Refreshable Braille display and Geometry Kit for children with visual impairment.

Based on the demonstration and recommendations of Sightsavers, the government of Rajasthan took big step and planned for developing a model resource room for all Children with Special Needs (CWSN) and incorporated budgetary provisions in the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B) of 2021-22 for all thirty-three districts. The model resource rooms will have several devices including Divya Nayan, refreshable Braille display, Geometry Kit (for blind), mobile phones, Daisy players, Computer with INDO-NVDA and Smart/Interactive Board for children with visual impairment.

Around a hundred children with visual impairment across all 33 districts of Rajasthan will receive laptops this year from the education department of the government of Rajasthan. This has become an integral part of the state budget since 2019-2020.

“The government’s highly creditable efforts along with the support of our partner, HCL, have resulted in the assurance that most children with disability in the respective districts receive equal educational opportunities. The practise of inclusive education in schools will help in promoting social acceptance, rights, and inclusion of people with disabilities,” RN Mohanty, CEO at Sightsavers India.

“HCL Foundation's flagship programme for rural development, HCL Grant, aims to recognise visionary organisations working towards development and nation-building in rural India. Under the programme, it has been a pleasure partnering with the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sightsavers India) in efforts towards creating a conducive and inclusive environment in educational institutions,” said Nidhi Pundhir, director, HCL Foundation, said.