Siegwerk gets Great Place to Work certification

Siegwerk has been Great Place to Work certified in India.

14 Feb 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

The Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey examines individual employee experiences across five key dimensions of company culture

According to Siegwerk, the certification awarded to Siegwerk was the result of a comprehensive evaluation process, focusing on the level of trust within the organisation and the consistency of the employee experience. This was meticulously assessed through the Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey.

This certificate not only highlights Siegwerk’s excellence in people management and organisational practices but also reinforces its position as a leader in the industry, committed to advancing a culture of trust and respect that sets the standard for others to follow. 

Great Place to Work, the internationally recognised authority on workplace culture, has been at the forefront of understanding and defining what makes a workplace truly great since 1992. By conducting extensive surveys that have reached over 100 million employees across the globe, they have harnessed deep insights into the core elements that contribute to a positive and productive workplace environment: trust.

Ashish Pradhan, president at Siegwerk Asia, said, “At Siegwerk, we have cultivated a culture that values, respects, and empowers every individual to reach their full potential. Being the first ink company in India to receive this certification, this momentous occasion reiterates our commitment to adhere to the core values of trust, collaboration and excellence – the driving force at Siegwerk that has enabled an engaged workforce, helping them to reach their potential. Our values have also been fueling our mission to partner and provide safe, sustainable and competitive packaging solutions to the industry.”      

He added, “It is a journey that has bonded us, not just as colleagues, but as a family united by a shared vision and purpose. Every milestone we achieve is a testament to the passion and perseverance that each member brings to the table, illuminating our path with innovation and integrity.”

The Great Place to Work Trust Index Survey examines individual employee experiences across five key dimensions of company culture through a series of 60 statements and two open-ended questions. The dimensions that were evaluated include credibility, respect, and fairness—elements directly linked to the actions and behaviours of leaders that build trust. Additionally, the survey explored the dimensions of pride and a sense of belonging, which reflect the employees' overall experience with their colleagues and the broader organisational context.

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