Siegwerk commits to product safety with Transparency Label

Underlining its commitment towards consumer and product safety, Siegwerk, the global ink manufacturer, has launched its new Transparency Label.

13 Nov 2017 | By Priya Raju

The Transparency Label is in line with Siegwerk’s goal of supporting customers in the manufacture of safe printed products. This is the company's step towards its commitment to provide proactive transparency along the packaging value chain and the manufacture and marketing of safe inks. 
There is an increase in consumer awareness regarding health-related aspects and personal well-being, specifically in terms of food safety. For this, Siegwerk has made ink safety one of its guiding principles: today, the company has an expert team exclusively dedicated to product safety guidelines. Its product safety guidance includes global regulatory initiatives, brand owner requirements and safety and risk assessments targeting raw materials to end-user applications.
Ashish Pradhan, CEO, Siegwerk India, said, “Transparency is applicable for all applications, whether food, pharma, and personal care or non-food. Above all, the label stands for a commitment to maximum transparency by Siegwerk. It is based on the manufacture of safe inks according to Good Manufacturing Practices from thoroughly evaluated raw materials. “
“With our Transparency Label, we are demonstrating our global responsibility regarding product safety as well as regulatory and brand owner requirements. The label stands for our commitment to uncompromising proactive transparency enabling our customers to print a safe and compliant product and making sure that we deliver what we promise,” added Pradhan.
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