Shreeji to launch spot UV machine

Mumbai-based Shreeji Corporation is all set to launch an all-new spot UV machine with a camera, for the first time in this segment. The formal inauguration will take place on 17 April in Mumbai, followed by the seminar. There will also be a live demonstration on the sidelines of the event.

06 Apr 2024 | By Aakash Mudgal

The all-new spot UV machine can sync with various applications

Krunal Jasani, director, Shreeji Corporation, said, “This is the first time that a spot UV machine with a camera in this segment is being introduced in the market. It will not only enhance the printing capabilities but will also reduce time consumption. It is enabled with a high-rise dots system by which embossing effects can be given or increased on media. Paper size of 14x23-inch can be easily printed with this machine.”

Jasani said the machine has the potential to print on thick substrates as well and it is easy, fast and accurate. The hi-resolution camera is for definite and systematic registration. The proficiency of printing 70-sph, three-point registration system and auto skew correction are some of its unique traits. 

“Spot UV is a completely digital process which does not require screens. A sheet with a thickness of 6-150 microns can be printed in a single pass and it varnishes directly onto digital prints so no lamination is needed. It adorns the printing and gives an embossed 3D look to the files. Glossy, satin and matt finish are possible with this apparatus. It is compatible with digital hot foiling and material of up to 10,” he added.