Shreeji invests in Esko DLI

Gujarat-based Shreeji Group has installed India’s first Esko digital letterpress imager (DLI) at its Haridwar plant. The installation was facilitated through TechNova Imaging System.

10 Nov 2017 | By Sujith Ail

Shreeji were using conventional platemaking using film transfer technology which was damaging the reproduction print quality leading to a lower accuracy of the printed substrate. With the Esko DLI, capable of high-resolution optics for 4000 ppi imaging, Shreeji was able to produce images with higher precision with fine details, image contrast and smooth gradients in the entire tonal scale. Due to this machine, Shreeji is now capable of ensuring higher lpi jobs.

Chandrakant More, deputy general manager of Shreeji Group, said, “After carefully evaluating all the options available in the market, they chose the Esko DLI due to Esko’s technology and the after-sales care”. Commenting on dealership of Esko DLI by TechnNova Imaging Solutions, More added, “TechNova has a long-standing track record of providing excellent services through letterpress plates to the Shreeji Group”.

Shreeji Group’s manufacturing unit for lamitubes and detergents has three plants across Gujarat and Uttarakhand. It produces seven-crore tubes/month and houses four UV presses along with conversion machines. Aluminum barrier laminate and plastic barrier laminate are the types of laminates produced by Shreeji Group.

Shreeji Group deals in manufacturing, packaging, trading, importing, exporting, warehousing, storage and logistics with its presence in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Assam and Silvassa.