Shreedhar Labels gets India’s first Guardian PQV from Baldwin

Ahmedabad-based Shreedhar Labels has achieved a ‘zero rejection’ level of print quality, after installing India’s first Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection technology from Baldwin Vision Systems.

05 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Bhavya Shah (left) and Manish Patel (right) of Shreedhar Labels with Amit Desai of Baldwin Vision Systems

Shreedhar Labels has more than three decades of experience as an ISO-certified printing company providing advanced, customised solutions for the clients.

While this is the first installation of the technology in India, the Guardian PQV has years of proven performance in the Americas and Europe. PQV is a feature-rich inline defect detection system that enables printers to find and remove defects quickly, and monitor their processes to prevent defects from occurring in the first place. The system provides complete print quality verification from prepress through production, reporting, and archiving for perfect runs.

Bhavya Shah, director of Shreedhar Labels, said the company’s processes have been improved since the installation of the Guardian PQV. “Before installing the system, we were not getting optimal productivity. Many defects were going out. In particular, font size changes were not detected before the printed product was shipped to our customers,” Shah said. “Now, we are able to guarantee our performance and our customers are happy with the print quality. We now have zero rejection of printed substrate from our customers. Our operators are using the system for every job, and say it is very user-friendly. The tiniest font size variations are detected, and no defective product is sent to our customers.”

As to why Shreedhar Labels chose Baldwin Vision Systems over other options, Shah said, adding, “The Baldwin Vision Systems is known for quality. The company provide local support and excellent service here in Ahmedabad. The process of installing the PQV system went very smoothly, and we now are realising higher speeds, better print quality, and our operation is more productive.”

“The system is designed to perform without fail to the most rigorous inspection requirements, with almost any substrate, and for all printing applications including converting, label, packaging, sheet and web,” said Amit Desai, regional sales manager for Baldwin Vision Systems. “Its state-of-the-art camera systems can be mounted on one or both sides of the substrate to perform 100% inspection for print quality, variable data, and even the most challenging security print features. When equipped, a Guardian PQV system can inspect for missing decimal points and broken characters on font sizes down to 4 pt text typically, or even smaller in special circumstances.”

Meanwhile, India’s second PQV installation is now underway at Pragati Graphics.