Sheth Publishers helps take education online during pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic started disrupting the traditional ways of teaching and learning, with educational institutes shut, and with teaching going online, Mumbai-based education services provider, Sheth Publishers, has started offering eBooks to teachers to help them to take lectures online.

28 Jan 2022 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Deepak Sheth of Sheth Publishers said, “We started offering eBooks for teachers in 2020. Initially, it was very difficult, as teachers were not used to eBooks. We had to explain to them in detail over the phone how they can take online lectures with the help of our eBooks through the available online software.”

For Sheth Publishers, however, the journey to online education started much before the pandemic. The company started offering digital editions of its products from 2015. “Initially, we provided the digital editions free-of-cost to the students on purchase of the textbooks. A scratch card was provided in the book along with the guidelines on how to use the digital books,” Sheth said.

The company also started its own website,, where it started taking orders for offline books (printed versions).

Sheth said the company took the cost of creating these eBooks on itself during the pandemic as the eBooks were provided to the teachers free of cost. “We continued to provide eBooks services to the teachers throughout the pandemic without the consideration of the cost,” he said.

The company also started selling the eBooks through its website so that students can purchase the same.

As the exams were held online, Sheth Publishers also created an online test module (mock test) for students to help them to practice for their online exams.

“We have also started a library version in collaboration with other companies, where we provide eBooks in bulk to libraries where students can use it for online studies,” Sheth said.