SGO sets up pre-media services in the UK

India’s SGO, the sister company of the YesGo Group, a pre-media firm with branches all across India, has opened an office in the UK.

29 Sep 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

(l-r) Stephen Furlonger and Nizamappas

SGO has added a global office in the UK to focus on developing business in the UK and Europe. Readers of PrintWeek will recall that the Chennai-based packaging pre-press training company YesGo launched SGO, their pre-media services venture on 10 January 2021.

Founder and CEO, Nizamappas said, "SGO Premedia UK has been crafted as a part of SGO India to provide UK and European businesses with direct access to highly skilled, experienced and motivated teams of operators in India. High-end infrastructure solutions such as Esko ensure that we can deliver complex automated workflow solutions."

SGO has strengthened its UK management team by appointing Stephen Furlonger as its European commercial director. Furlonger has 25 years of experience in senior roles in advertising, design, marketing, brand and production.

In his new role at SGO, Furlonger will be spearheading SGO pre-media’s business strategy and operations in Europe. In the recent past he has played a key role at Tjarks and Tjarks Design as well as Marks Design, where he led the network in Europe and drove growth. Through careful positioning, constructing a strong leadership team and forging strong commercial relationships with both large and small European businesses, Furlonger oversaw the growth of Marks Design from UK pounds 2m UK pounds 22m.

Stephen Furlonger said, "I am delighted and truly excited to be joining SGO and to work closely with a vibrant and talented team of committed and experienced professionals. As a vibrant nation, India is brimming with entrepreneurship and a ‘can do’ attitude that
unlocks vast potential for exploring newer creative avenues."

He added, "Serving large and small businesses alongside their design partners and bringing agility, quality control and rigorous process to the obvious benefits of overnight delivery and cost effective labour. Offshore has gained notoriety for the wrong reasons in recent years as the large GSP’s continue to struggle with delivery and quality issues as a result of poorly engineered infrastructure
and a focus on cost, at all costs."

As per the press note which was shared with PrintWeek, the SGO approach to a large part reverses the process; providing access to an established business that happens to be located in India, with all of the benefits that brings.

Speaking about the brand and its goals, Nizamappas, founder and CEO said, "SGO has been crafted as a part of YesGo’s assurance of 360-degree solutions provider in packaging and printing needs as well as to offer a local and most cost-effective pre-media services equipped with inhouse solutions- skilled manpower, high-end infrastructure like Esko and end to end workflow automation at the brand’s door stop. SGO also aims to remove dependency on outsourcing and encourage voice for locals. A truly make in India initiative to meet the growing industry needs."