Seminar on trends and future of printing in North East India

The print and packaging industry in the North East of India remains largely unexplored, with opportunities galore. Even in terms of technology awareness, the region seems to be far behind compared to the rest of the country.

25 May 2016 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

In the recently years, local printers and print organisations have worked towards highlighting opportunities in the region, as well as the current state of affair.

In a similar move, a daylong seminar on ‘Recent trends and future prospects of printing in North East India’ was held at the Bishnu Nirmal Nyash, Guwahati, on 12 March 2016. The event was organised by the Assam Printing Technologist Association, supported by The Regional Institute of Printing Technology Alumni Association (RIPTAA) and was powered by York Print.

Surendra B Dhote, president, RIPTAA, inaugurated the seminar, which was attended by 150 printing technologists, press owners and suppliers. During his speech, Dhote highlighted the impact of customised printing. He said that converters must be prepared to face the challenges.

Students from local print institutes also attended the seminar and took part in the discussions on the methodology and science of printing.

During the course of the day, experts from different industry segments shared their views on issues, such as printing ink, fountain solution and vanish, among others.

Kamalesh Tripathi, manager, Fujifilm, spoke about pre-press – the CTP technology and process-less plate.

Rajesh Banerjee, business development manager, Toyo Ink, elaborated on the importance and role of quality of ink in modern printing.

Harshad Borude of Fujifilm explained the impact of quality of print and design of newspaper on readers.

During his vote of thanks, Nirmal Kanti Saha, general secretary, RIPTAA, emphasised on the intention, idea and involvement, the adopted mantra of RIPTAA. He also stressed on the need for technology improvement and technology oriented awareness.

The day concluded with the unveiling of the February 2016 issue of PrintOut, the RIPTAA organ. UC Bardalai, general manager, York Print did the unveiling.

RIPTAA plays important role in spreading awareness among the printing fraternity in the field of fundamental and applied research on printing and allied subjects throughout the North East India.

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