SB Packagings installs W&H Miraflex and Varex

New Delhi-based SB Packagings has invested in a ten-colour W&H Miraflex CI flexo printing press. The machine will be installed at the company’s expanded facility at Sampla, in Rohtak district of Haryana.

06 Jul 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

SB has invested more than USD 6-million on its new expansion project

Along with the Miraflex, the company has also opted for a Varex, new film extrusion line from W&H. Both kits will be installed at the company’s newly constructed area. According to the company, the project got delayed because of the pandemic.

Amit Banga, managing director, SB Packagings, said, “W&H is a natural choice for a flexible printing packaging company when it comes to producing best printing quality at fast speed and without defects. We already have multiple rotogravure and wide-web flexo printing presses in our facility. We have bought most of the offered options on the press. The best parts of the machine are speed and its automatic system to prevent the defects in quality.”

Banga: We are growing at CAGR of 30% from the last eight years

The Miraflex can achieve a maximum speed of 500-m/min and is one of the fastest CI flexo printing presses in India. On getting a 500-m/min press, Banga said it’s because the machine’s printing quality and speed are the best.

SB Packagings stands on four pillars of ‘QISS’, which stands for Quality, Innovation, Sustainability and Service. Banga said, “Our keen focus is on all four points. I take care of innovation and sustainability; Ishihara San is responsible for the quality and Saurabh Jain is responsible for services.”

He added that SB Packagings is the only packaging printing company in India having a Japanese professional for quality assurance, who is helping promote quality culture and upgrade the sensitivity of the team towards quality with tools like 5S, six sigma, lean manufacturing, Kaizen and so on.

Miraflex can achieve a maximum speed of 500-m/min

“We are growing at CAGR of 30% from the last seven to eight years and want to maintain that pace in future. For this project, we have invested more than USD 6-million. Our expansion in north India is over and now we are moving towards the western part of the country. The acquisition will be our way. We are already in the process of acquiring a company in Gujarat,” Banga added.The company converts 1,000-tonne printing substrates every month and is now expecting to gain 50% growth with the conversion of 1,500 printing substrates monthly.

W&H Varex film extrusion line 

The SB Packagings plant is BRC ‘A’ certified, ISO 22000, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, SEDEX (social-ethical compliance).

“We are a sustainable packaging printing company offering recyclable packaging solutions. We are targeting brand owners who are opting for sustainable packaging,” concluded Banga.