Saurabh Printers installs RMGT 920ST

Greater Noida-based Saurabh Printers, a part of The Saku Group, has installed a four-colour RMGT 920ST printing press along with Ryobi RP920-780MB high-precision register punch with plate bender.

24 Jun 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The Gulati family with the new RMGT 920ST

The RMGT 920ST can print sheet size from 290x410-mm to 640x920-mm at a speed of 16,200-sheets/hour. The press is equipped with automatic blanket wash device, automatic ink rollers device, automatic paper preset device, automatic impression preset, automatic rollers nip check mode and maintenance mode.

Harish Gulati of Saurabh Printers said, “We opted for the RMGT because of its printing quality with high speed and perfect reverse registration. We already have Japanese and German printing presses at our factory but this time we found RMGT to be advanced in terms of automisation and electronics. Since we are in book production, and since the segment is becoming more competitive, the machine will help us save on production as well.

Provin Technos, the Indian representative of RMGT, has earned a good name in after-sales service with its technically equipped team and Gulati said, it was another reason to consider RMGT.

Established in 1991, Saurabh Printers is a family-owned business run by Harish, Vinod, Saurabh, Alka and Megha Gulati.

Along with offset print production facility where 12 printing units convert around 300 tonne of paper per month and consume around 400 CTP/CTCP plates per day, Saurabh has a strong set up to cater to short-run book printing powered by Xerox engines.

Saurabh has the capacity to produce 50,000 paperbacks and 3,000 hardcase books per day and was utilising 100% capacity before the lockdown.

“We installed the machine in the middle of the lockdown and are running it. The situation was uncertain but RMGT and Provin Technos helped us at every step,” Gulati concluded.