Sarvothama Pai of Sri Sudhindra Offset Process no more

Bhadragiri Sarvothama Pai founder of Sri Sudhindra Offset Process (SSOP) and a printing industry stalwart in Bengaluru passed away early last week. He was 80. Born in a small village in Udipi, Pai migrated to Bengaluru as a youth and worked his way to become an influential member in the city.

23 Dec 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Sarvothama Pai


At the age of 22, he began SSOP which has now grown into one of the top print establishments in Karnataka. Notably, he set up the first photosetting process in Bengaluru and has brought several state-of-the-art technologies to his facility through the years.

Pai also founded the 300-strong Karnataka Offset Printing Association (KOPA). The association which recently celebrated its silver jubilee has over the years been the voice of the industry in the state.

A former vice president of AIFMP, he was known for several significant contributions to society. He founded and presided over Chaitanya Credit Co-operative Society, whose goal was to serve the underrepresented, impoverished masses by providing loans at a lower interest rate. The Society is said to have helped the cause of the education of children in these communities.

He was also a great performer of Harikatha and delivered many programs on All India Radio and television.
Pai is survived by his wife Sumathi and sons Suresh, Giridhar and Dinakar.

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