Sakurai Open House on 18-21 April 2018

Japanese printing presses manufacturer Sakurai will host an Open House from 18 to 21 April 2018 in Japan. The event will feature demos of its latest machines, including various printing applications on those machines with various UV effects, industrial applications printing, labels printing and customer visits.

22 Jan 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

Kunal Enterprises represents Sakurai in India, especially for screen printing presses.

Ajay Gandhi, president, Kunal Enterprises, said that the Open House will showcase Sakurai’s fully automatic cylinder screen printing machines, flatbed screen printing machines and roll-to-roll cylinder screen printing machines, besides other printing presses.

The machine to be highlighted in the open house include MS-102-INS (stop cylinder screen machine with printed sheets inspection system); MS-110-DDS+CCD (direct servo drive stop cylinder screen printing press); MF-80-VII(fully automatic high precision flatbed screen printing press for fine line pattern printing); MSDR-30 (direct servo drive roll-to-roll screen printing machine); MSDR-30VTDRY (vertical turn type dryer); SIS-2800 (Sakurai film image setter) simple and cost-effective film image setter for screen plate making and OL-266-RCS(multipurpose process machine).

According to Gandhi, all printers who want value-addition in commercial, packaging and industrial printing can join the open house.

Sakurai has been organising the open house in April for the last seven years.

“In India, we have more than 450 installations. Worldwide, we have more than 5,000 users for Sakurai screen printing presses and 70% of our customers are repeat customers.

Mumbai-based Dot Printers and Spectrum Scan, Ahmedabad-based Smartech, Meerut-based Nageen Prakshan, Delhi-based Manohar Filament, Bengaluru-based Quenby Transfers and Propack, Sivakasi-based Rajratan Printers are few Sakurai customers in India.

Gandhi concluded, “It’s time to do something new in printing like value-additions or diversification in printing, especially applications. So it has great scope in future. It is a good opportunity to visit the world’s best and large cylinder and flatbed screen printing machine manufacture with new technology and applications.”

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