Saket Kanoria: Together, we can inspire and innovate, setting new benchmarks for years to come

TCPL Packaging bagged the top honour in the industry: the PrintWeek Company of the Year 2023. The company also won an Award in the highly competitive Innovation Awards category for creating a sustainable all PE stand-up pouch for Whey chocolate one-kg pouch for Bunzl Verpakkingen Arnhem BV. On the occasion, Saket Kanoria, managing director, TCPL Packaging delivered his acceptance speech.

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Team TCPL receives the PrintWeek Printing Company of the Year Award

At the outset, Saket Kanoria said, "I am profoundly honoured and humbled to accept on behalf of TCPL Packaging the prestigious PrintWeek Company of the Year Award. This recognition holds immense significance in the world of print and packaging, and it's a moment that fills us at TCPL with pride."

Kanoria thanked the jury members and auditors as well as the team at Haymarket Sac for "acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our entire team at TCPL". He said, "This award is a testament to the resolute efforts and tireless pursuit of excellence by every member of our organisation." Then Kanoria thanked his colleagues whose "collective dedication, passion, and shared vision have driven our company to reach new heights in the print and packaging industry."

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Kanoria shared the TCPL story with the audience. He said, "TCPL has experienced a remarkable rate of growth, and we are extremely proud to be at the forefront of our industry in several key areas. One of our core pillars of success has been our unwavering commitment to embracing the latest technology. In a rapidly evolving landscape, we understand that staying relevant means constantly adapting and innovating." Kanoria mentioned, "We have invested significantly in cutting-edge technology, from state-of-the-art printing presses to advanced post-press equipment and design software." This, he said, enables TCPL to deliver superior quality products with unmatched efficiency to our clients. 

Kanoria said, "This has been the driving force behind our company's success, and it's something we will continue to prioritise as we move forward."

Over the last decade, TCPL has diversified its business into a wide array of segments. Kanoria mentioned how the company has expanded its product portfolio and services. He said, "TCPL has been able to meet the diverse needs of our customers in various industries, from tobacco where we began, to personal care, food and beverage, healthcare, and electronic goods. This versatility has allowed us to grow along with new and existing businesses across these segments but also to serve a broader range of clients.

He said, "The PrintWeek Printing Company of the Year Award reflects not only our past achievements but also our commitment to the power of innovation and customer-centric solutions."

He took the occasion to acknowledge TCPL's clients, suppliers, and partners, "Without their support, this achievement would not have been possible." He said, "Your trust and collaboration have been instrumental in our journey towards becoming the Company of the Year."

Saket Kanoria shared some feedback for the team at PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? too. He said, "PrintWeek in India has played a diligent role in fostering excellence within our industry. The team has consistently championed the cause of print and packaging, keeping us informed of latest developments, which creates sources of inspiration and promotes the sharing of ideas for the collective benefit of the industry."

Kanoria delivers TCPL's acceptance speech, through a pre-recorded video 

Then Kanoria made a suggestion, he said, "I would like to add here is that with the focus on sustainability and rapidly changing regulations, perhaps PrintWeek could collaborate with the industry to keep abreast of the changes and help in suggesting policy which the regulators could consider. A discussion on these topics could be very useful to the industry as a whole."

His message to the industry stalwarts who were present in the Ballroom at The Westin Hotel in Powai was: As we move forward, we pledge to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in print and packaging. Together, we can inspire and innovate, setting new benchmarks for years to come.