Sai Paks to consolidate all its operations under one roof

Chinchwad-based Sai Enterprises has merged with Sai Paks, and will now function as a single entity.

28 Mar 2019 | By Sujith Ail

According to Deepan Samarth, proprietor, Sai Paks, the merger was required as the companies were facing problems with certain vendor code requirements. “As a complete solution provider under one roof, we were able to supply all packaging solutions like cartons, labels, shrink sleeves. However, our customers were not ready to provide us with two different vendor codes – one for cartons as the business was under Sai Enterprises and another for labels under Sai Paks. Even after having all the packaging equipment under one roof, we were unable to cater to the requirements of the customers.”

Tejas Samarth, operations head, said, “Increasing workflow, operations and turnover made it difficult to maintain two different databases. Hence to simplify the workflow as well as to benefit our customers, we decided to shift all operations of Sai Enterprises to Sai Paks.”

Sai Paks future plans include investing in flexo and sheetfed presses, as well as entering into the new lamitube business arena.