Sai Paks invests in Jetsci M Series

Pune-based Sai Paks, which produces labels for various segments including lubricants and pharma has invested in a Jetsci M Series inkjet imprinting system for variable data printing and track-and-trace.

23 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Deepan Samarth, managing director at Sai Paks

Deepan Samarth, managing director at Sai Paks, said, “We were looking for a solution for printing variable data and implementing track and trace for oil, lubricant, pharma and other segments. After thorough research we found the Jetsci inkjet imprinting system a good match which is productive and delivers great quality of printing.”

Conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India by Monotech Systems, the Jetsci M Series is integrated with Konica Minolta 1024i industrial-grade inkjet printhead, which prints variable data accurately and economically at high speeds. Barcodes, text, numbers, images and other printed variable data come out very sharp and of the highest level of quality with 100% readability and scanability. Systems can be integrated easily into a customer's existing production line and they can upgrade their conventional printing setup with a digital production system.

Jimit Mittal, president, Jetsci Global, said, “It's our privilege to have Sai Paks on board. The company has been innovative and instrumental in its approach and development of various applications for a broad industry segment.”

He added, “Digital printing has grown exponentially in all the fields of the printing industry like labels, packaging, books, print-on-demand, and security applications. After the Covid-19 situation, we are sure about the surge in the demand for digital printing and it will help the printers to grow faster and respond to the market demands quickly."

Sai Paks is a leading manufacturer of bar-code labels, stickers in roll and sheet form with multi-colour print capable of serving varied segments like the pharmaceutical, electrical, electronics, cosmetics, food and several other industries. The company acquired its ISO 9001 certification in 2015.

All the products branded Jetsci Global is manufactured in India by Monotech Systems at its state-of-the-art facility based in Gurugram, Haryana.