Sai Paks boosts variable data printing capacity with Jetsci system

Pune-based label and mono carton specialist Sai Paks has installed the Jetsci M series UV-based inkjet system powered with an online scanner from Keyence Corporation.

28 Oct 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

The MUV 72 kit can be employed to print a range of variable data printing jobs

According to Tejas Samarth, operations head at Sai Paks, the machine can be employed to print a range of variable data printing jobs such as QR, data-matrix and pharma codes among other applications. The system boasts of a speed of 120 metres per minute and a print width of 72mm. “The machine is powered by a Keyence scanner which checks the variable data codes online, enabling the entire set-up to be accurate while easing data track-and-trace right till the customer level,” he said.

Speaking to PrintWeek, Samarth explained that the key reason behind this new investment was the increasing demand for variable data printing jobs on self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves. “With this new investment, we now have enough capacity to cater the booming segments such as ice-creams, food and beverages, lubes and pharma. Our shifts are packed 24 hours for the production of jobs catering to these industry segments.”

Monotech Systems’ Jetsci M series systems can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing production line. It helps to upgrade the conventional printing set-up with the help of a digital production system. The standard equipment has an industrial controller built and designed according to the customer's production environment with pre-installed advanced VDP software to print data in real-time. “All Monotech systems are at par with the global brands in terms of quality fulfilling the topmost standards,” concluded Samarth.