Sai Art buys Cron

Mumbai-based Sai Art has recently invested in the Cron CTCP 4664G+I+. The machine was supplied and installed by Nippon Color.

10 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Rajesh Chavan of Sai Art with the Cron CTCP

Rajesh Chavan of Sai Art said, “Because of the rising demand, we required a fast plate-making machine with high-quality plates. We got both from Nippon Color, as we installed the Cron CTCP 4664G+I+. Now, we are able to produce 29 plates of 1,030-mm width at 2,400-dpi per hour." 

He added, “CTCP plates are affordable and with Cron’s stability, we are able to now satisfy our plate requirements in-house.”

Before investing in the Cron CTCP, the company used to outsource its plate requirements to other local vendors. 

A commercial printer with both offset and digital, Sai Art was established in 2008 with a basic setup of a Xerox digital printer, an offset press and screen printing. Over the years, the company has experienced sustainable growth and now has three four-colour offset machines with a pre-press setup and complete binding solution.

Chavan added that digital CTP plates produce finer dots and offer consistently better quality.

The company offers all sorts of printing and packaging jobs. “Our main business includes printing marketing collaterals such as posters, danglers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, calendars, envelopes, letterheads, and so on,” he said.

About the new installation, Chavan said, “We faced a few issues as we were setting up the machine. It was not an easy task, as we did not have any prior plate-making knowhow but Nippon Color eased it with its service support. It streamlined the complete process and is available 24x7 to assist us. The machine is also very easy to use.”

Along with the CTCP, the company has also purchased Shangzun’s plate processor TPD-1100 to have a complete online configuration with the CTCP.

Chavan explained, “By bringing plate-making in-house, the speed has definitely increased. There is a lot of efficiency in our work now, as we can make minor corrections quickly and output the plate as and when we want. This has also helped us schedule our printing better as we do not need to wait for the delivery of plates from outside. Now that we have more control over the quality of plates, our job rejections have virtually been eliminated.”