Sachit Katyal: There is more trust on flexo

An offset pre-press bureau, Anupama Printing Solutions entered the flexo pre-press market in 2015. It also claims to have popularised the Kodak Flexcel NX technology in North India.

13 Jul 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Sachit Katyal, Anupama Printing Solutions, Noida

Sachit Katyal of Anupama Printing Solutions says priority turnaround of services and partnering with customers closely on each job, owing to an established pre-press team and processes, enabled them to be unique in the market.

"There is more trust on flexo due to a concerted move from traditional flexo to the modern flexographic printing process with Kodak Flexcel NX plates. Increasingly, there is the ability to print higher line screens with repeatability and consistency, which was not seen in the traditional flexo process," says Katyal. 

He adds that his company's ability in pre-press to build unique elements into a print job that allows for better brand protection is one of its most important practices.

"A leading FMCG player used to print their labels on offset earlier. We worked towards colour-matching and building an additional profile in order to achieve the optimum result in converting that job to flexo. The printer, as well as the brand, were delighted with the eventual result," says Kayal, while explaining one of his favourite jobs.

"Our safety is in our hands during this pandemic. This is a time for everyone to work even more closely together than ever before. Quality and consistency are still very critical in order to ensure smooth functioning of operations while being mindful of the scenario around us and ensuring business continuity for the community at large," he suggests.